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Cheaper Medicines Are Within the Reach of Americans If you Pick Up The Phone or A Computer Mouse
  by Dean Hughson,

Millions of people in the United States are without insurance,either through economics or by their inability to qualify for insurance.  This is a major problem for many families and for many govt. agencies in the US also who are finding increasingly middle class families unable to pay their medical bills.

Many of our nations elderly population,like families, are going without medicine which is a sad state of affairs.  Until our govt. comes up with a national medication plan, there are some alternatives that work to reduce costs of medications.

Some  companies I have personally checked out work on getting you cheaper prices.

One is Prescription Drugs Canada LLC,which is located in Scottsdale Arizona.  You can reach them by telephone at toll-free 888-794-5377,by mail to Prescription Drugs Canada LLC,PO Box 13207,Scottsdale, Arizona 85267 or at their website which is    You can call them to check what your prescription would cost. You must fill out forms,which you get from them, submit your prescription, and they will mail the medications to you. 

Medicine International, 203 South Candy Lane,Suite 9-B, Cottonwood, Az 86326,( tel 800-694-0055, fax 928-649-9468 is doing it a bit differently. They work in the US,India,Canada, and Mexico and shop for you.  It is a member only service but I found them extremely cooperative and knowledgable. For instance they are getting prices of 45 cents/pill for 100 mg Celebrex, 95 cents/pill for Zocor 20 mg; good prices.

Another is  CanadaMeds.Com, a Winnipeg Manitoba Based company which can be reached at toll-free 877-542-3330
or at their website which has a well done website and similiar system also. In addition  you can call 1.877.278.3242 to reach, Aptecha, another equally interesting Canadian site with a well designed website and economical prices.  Also another Canadian company has started advertising in the US. has also entered the market. Stay tuned..many more to come I imagine.  I recently bought 90 Celebrex 200 at $117 delivered vs
Costco's price of  $219.84. If we had driven to Mexico we could have bought 100 pills at $42

Canada has a similiar safety net for medications in their country to the US and the medications have similiar names and most are made by the same companies.  Mexico is a bit more challenging but I am excited to see what I believe is the first online pharmacy QVC.  It is still cheaper to drive to border towns,like Los Algodones and buy meds at pharmacies like Mary's.  I also have had good experiences with a Fiji pharmacy.

Unfortunately the day of the neighborhood pharmacy is fast fading and we, as consumers, must react to the changes. I urge you to become an informed consumer and save money. One woman in a small town in Missouri,after checking,learned she could save $300/month by buying this way. I hope you too are someone who can benefit from shopping medication prices.

Dean Hughson is a consumer advocate residing in Fountain Hills Arizona and founder of the website      He can be reached at telephone 480-217-0955 or

Some additional websites with info:

NOTE: Govts. are struggling with the idea of exports of medications. You will find websites up one day,down the next.  But it is obvious that the movement is too big to stop. The economics are too big for companies to ignore. Keep digging till you find a pharmacy that works for you. (Note: this place also sells for $10 a pill cutter which
  allows you to buy higher strength medications and split them,saving money also) (web pages,with phone numbers,of
  Mexican pharmacies across the border from Yuma Arizona which many
  Americans buy their medications from)

Farmacia Las Florex,Argentina (IRISH pharmacy called US PHARMACY New Zealand Pharmacy-  Andorra pharmacy  This site has a form that you can
fill out and they will submit back to you a quotation for the medications you request

It should be noted that the FDA is concerned about online medication sales.

*****NOTE This page was done by Dean Hughson, a consumer of medicine
like the readers who visit this page. I urge you to get active in your own medical care and get informed of available resources. The internet is a great resource. I have nothing to sell,give no medical or legal advice, and put this page up for people to screen the resources themselves. Good hunting!!!!

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